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Menstruation and Your Diet

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

by: Betsy Stenard, Winthrop University Student

Many women know cravings all too well. The weeks leading up to and during menstruation are often categorized with moodiness, cramping, and cravings like your favorite Ben and Jerry’s, chocolate chip cookies, or salty potato chips. Our bodies tend to need a few extra calories in this timeframe because of the extra work our body is doing so eating a snack that sounds especially good to your body this week, instead of depriving yourself, will often lead to your body functioning at a good energy level with adequate calories. If you find yourself falling into binge-like eating behavior during this time, and continuously eat these calorie dense foods past the point of fullness, this may be more than just cravings and you should discuss this with your doctor and a registered dietitian.