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I, through the purchase of training and/or Yoga classes, have agreed to voluntarily participate in an exercise program, including, but not limited to, cardiorespiratory, muscular, and flexibility training.  I hereby stipulate and agree that I am physically and mentally sound and currently have no physical condition(s) that would be aggravated by my involvement in an exercise program. 


I understand and am aware that physical-fitness activities, including the use of equipment, are potentially hazardous activities.  I am aware that participating in these types of activities, even when performed properly, can be dangerous.  I agree to follow the verbal or written instructions given by the personal trainer. I am aware that potential risks associated with these types of activities include, but are not limited to:  death, fainting, disorders in heartbeat, serious neck and spinal injuries that may result in complete or partial paralysis or brain damage, serious injury to virtually all bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and other aspects of the musculoskeletal system, and serious injury or impairment to other aspects of my body, general health, and well-being.


I understand that I am responsible for my own medical insurance and will maintain that insurance throughout my entire period of participation.  I will assume any additional expenses incurred that go beyond my health coverage.  I will notify the personal trainer of any significant injury or change in health status that requires medical attention (such as emergency care, hospitalization, etc.).


I expressly assume and accept sole responsibility for my safety and for any and all injuries that may occur.  In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, I, for myself and for my executors, administrators, assigns, waive and release any and all claims against the personal trainer and/or Aspire Nutrition, LLP dba Aspire Integrative Wellness and any of their staffs, officers, officials, volunteers, sponsors, agents, representatives, successors, or assigns and agree to hold them harmless from any claims or losses, including but not limited to claims for negligence for any injuries or expenses that I may incur.  These exculpatory clauses are intended to apply to any and all activities occurring during the time for which I attend yoga classes or receive personal training via oral or written communication.


I represent and warrant I am signing this agreement freely and willfully and not under fraud or duress.


Having read the above terms and intending to be legally bound hereby and understanding this document to be a complete waiver and disclaimer in favor of the Personal Trainer and Aspire Nutrition, LLP dba Aspire Integrative Wellness, I hereby affix my signature hereto.

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