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Our Mission

Aspire's mission is to support individuals throughout their journey to improve nourishment using intuitive eating, therapeutic interventions and mindfulness practices to prevent and treat mental illness by meeting physiological and psychological needs, resulting in better overall community health.

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Using the 7 pillars of brain health we identify specific areas of improvement for individuals and develop comprehensive treatment plans for overall health improvement. 


Aspire is an integrated practice, providing nutrition and mental health counseling, that has created a culture supportive of intuitive eating, using therapeutic interventions and mindfulness practices to enhance the nourishment of individuals.  We are a team of social workers, registered dietitians and mental health counselors who are passionate about preventing and treating mental illness and improving overall community health.

People easily understand the connection between nutritional deficiencies and physical illness, however few people understand the connection between nutrition, depression and mental illness.  We bring awareness to the role nutrition plays in preventing and treating mental illness and work to alleviate those nutritional factors with our clients.  


Community Impact is an opportunity for people or organizations to better understand and address the needs of their surroundings.  Aspire Integrative Wellness, as an organization, works to improve and better understand  nutritional and mental health impacts on local communities.  We specialize in working with state employees, families and organizations of all sizes. By educating and providing valuable tools and resources to community groups we encourage a positive environment to support improved mental health not only in individuals but the community as a whole.


Individual Counseling

Couples & Group Therapy

EAP Sessions


Group/Team Talks

Workplace Wellness

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